By browsing our website or attending our events, you hereby agree that Talentbank may collect, obtain, store and process your personal data that you provide for the purpose of receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing updates, news, promotional and marketing mails or materials from Talentbank.

You hereby give your consent to Talentbank to:

  • Personal information to establish your identity and background such as your full name, company name, email address, phone number, nationality, religion, and other personal data.
  • Store and process your personal data.
  • Payment information such as your debit or credit card information, including the name of cardholder, card number, billing address, expiry date, and other bank account details. (If any)
  • Disclose your Personal Data to the relevant governmental authorities or third parties where required by law or for legal purposes.
  • Recording of calls placed by you to our customer services.

In Addition, your personal data may be transferred to any sister companies/subsidiaries within Talentbank which may involve sending your data to a location inside or outside of Malaysia, for the purpose of updating or correcting such data.

For the avoidance of doubt, Personal Data includes all data defined within the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 including all data you had disclosed to Talentbank in all of our business websites (all brands under our company).

We strictly do not sell or rent your data to a third party.

Talentbank is committed to protecting your personal data. If you have questions or comments about Talentbank’s administration of personal data, please contact us at